Thursday, May 20, 2010

Track Project through Microblogging

During a project, lots of meeting occur, decisions are made, actions are given out and completed, accountabilities are assigned. Its hard to keep track of all of this over a period of months, and usually ends up with people searching their email and filesystem, and asking people who were in the same meeting or workshop to find evidence of something that happened, or a decision that was made.

My idea is to have an internal twitter-like service that you enter key things that happen on a project so you query them later. is a twitter-like service that you can install internally to your organisation or have a private instance in the cloud.

Nanoformats define here need to be extended to focus on things that happen on a project eg action statuses etc:

* tag++ (discussion)
o Used to 'plusplus' (vote for) a user or subject
o Example: microformats++ because they rock the disco!
o Syntax: ++
o Tools: plusplus bot
* tag-- (discussion)
o Used to 'minusminus' (vote against) a user or subject
o Example: drm-- for breaking my backups
o Syntax: --
o Tools: plusplus bot

1nanoformats (syntaxparam)
* @username
o Used to mention a user.
o Example: @mike I agree with you
o Syntax: @
o Tools: @yourusername filter pipe, foamee
* #tag
o Used to tag posts
o Example: kauta concert at Doka #music
o Example: #rockclub kauta concert tonight (group use example)
o Syntax: #
o Tools: #tag filter pipe
2nanoformats (syntax:param)
* lang:
o Used to define the language of the post.
o Example: this is a post in English lang:en
o Syntax: lang:
+ info: code list iso639-1
o Tools: lang filter pipe
* L:
o Used to define a location
o May be followed by a trailing colon to indicate the end of the location (Example 4)
o Example: Good place to visit L: Place Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
o Example2: Good place to visit L: Place Georges Pompidou, Paris, 75004
o Example3: Good place to visit L:48.860500,2.352260
o Example4: L:San Francisco: is a nice place.
o Text Syntax: L: or L: at the end of a tweet
+ info Twittervision API, Google maps
o Geo Syntax: L:
+ info: (Section 3.4.2 of RFC2426)
o Tools: Twittervision, Twittervision API, twibble, a location aware twitter client and API, location filter pipe
* todo:
o Used to define something to do (or for someone combined with @username).
o Example: todo:go to buy chocolate
o Syntax: todo:
o Tools: todo filter pipe
* note:
o Used to write a simple note.
o Example: note:printer ink catridge numbers HP336 / HP342
o Syntax: note:
* event:
o Used to define an event (better combined with L:).
o Example: event:Conference or event:
o Syntax: event: or event:
o Tools: event filter pipe
* enclosure: [play:(deprecated)]
o Used to mark a link to playable media.
o Example: enclosure:
o Syntax: enclosure:
* time:
o Used to define a time (usually with event).
o Example: time:2006-06-30 21:00:00
o Syntax: to define (can change)
3nanoformats (syntax:param:param)
* rate:
o Used for rate something between 1-5.
o Example: rate:1:Epic movie or rate:5:
o Syntax: rate:<1-5>:
o Tools: rate filter pipe
* vote:
o Used for vote (for, against, abstain).
o Example: vote:against:Irak war or vote:for:Peace
o Syntax: vote::
o Tools: vote filter pipe
* deal:
o Used for transaction info (sell, rent, trade, wanted, offer, announce).
o Example: deal:sell:acer:n50 pda or deal:wanted:
o Syntax: deal::

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